Free Communications

AGES invites abstracts for oral, video, and digital free communications at the AGES Annual Scientific Meeting. The Free Communications sessions will be held during the meeting, from the 28th & 30th October 2021.


Submissions Open: 15th January 2021
Submissions Close: 15th April 2021


  1. The abstract submission deadline is midnight (AEST) Thursday, April 15th 2021 
  2. All abstracts must be submitted online using the registration link. Faxed, posted, and abstracts submitted via any other email address will NOT be considered
  3. Abstracts must be in English language only
  4. Maximum 400 words/3050 characters with NO pictures, graphs, tables or images
  5. References are excluded from the word limit but must be restricted to THREE ONLY
  6. The decisions of the selection committee are final
  7. All oral/video presentations will be 7 minutes in duration and 3 minutes question time, with no exceptions
  8. Successful applicants for the Free Communications program will be notified
  9. Presenters of accepted abstracts are required to pay for registration to AGES ASM 2021
  10. All presentations at the Conference will be via the Conference laptops. No personal laptops will be used for presentations. All presentations will need to be uploaded at the Speaker’s Prep area. Details will be forwarded to you with acceptance of your abstract
  11. Any conflict of interest/sponsorship must be declared at the commencement of any presentation
  12. Failure to follow the instructions for submission of abstracts may result in rejection of your document
  13. By submitting an abstract you agree that Copyright of the abstract(s) is assigned to AGES only for the purpose of publication in the Conference Abstract Book and (if applicable) media releases/reports
  14. NO changes to any abstracts will be accepted after close of abstracts
  15. Any questions should be directed to the secretariat at

Please note that when you proceed through the submission process that you must click save, before moving on to the next step. Up until the close of abstract submission, you can log into your profile to continue your submission where you left it or make any changes. If you have any concerns please contact the secretariat office on +61 7 3368 2422 or by email to


Best Free Communication Presentation

Outstanding Trainee Presentation The Platinum Laparoscope Award

Outstanding New Presenter

Best Digital Communications Presentation

Outstanding Video Presentation

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