AGES Art Prize 

Each year AGES commissions works from an up-coming artist to feature on the brochures for our 3 conferences, these pieces are then auctioned off the following year at the AGES ASM Gala Dinner and Charity Auction.

Auction 2023


Susan Nethercote

Susan Nethercote is an abstract floral and botanical painter living in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia with her husband and two little girls. She paints in acrylics and mixed media and is deeply inspired by nature and the gardens she encounters both in her local neighbourhood and on her overseas adventures.

Susan’s work is a colourful, contemporary, expressionistic take on the long tradition of botanical art. Her work aims to capture the exquisite feeling of being amongst flowers rather than document nature. Susan sees her painting practice as the way in which she communes with the beauty of the world and the soul of nature.

Susan's work is held in private collections across four continents and also licenses her work to magazines and décor brands globally.

Susan's pieces will be auctioned off at the AGES Annual Scientific Meeting 2023.

Triumph of the Feminine

Cristina Metelli

Cristina Metelli was born in Milan and studied at art school there as a teenager. She later immigrated to Adelaide where she continued her artistic education, completing a Bachelor Degree in Visual Art (Honours). Her studio practice is based on painting and sculpture. Inspired by the diversity and beauty of nature, her work investigates the depth to which human lives are entwined and connected to the natural environment through subjects of belonging, spirit of place and nature’s vulnerability.

Cristina's pieces will be auctioned off at the AGES Annual Scientific Meeting 2022.


Auction 2022

Sally Ann Harrison

Sally Harrison is based in Lowood, South East Queensland, and is recognised for her distinctive use of traditional dot painting in a contemporary impressionistic style. She has been exhibited in galleries across Australia and overseas.

Sally's pieces will be auctioned off at the AGES Annual Scientific Meeting 2022.

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