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The addition of the AGES Laparoscopic Anatomy & Pelvic Dissection and Demonstration (LAP-D) Workshops have been an exciting development within the AGES annual event and workshop roster.

AGES will hold a multitude of Lap-D Workshops throughout the year, available to AGES members only. The 2023 workshops will consist of multiple dissection hands-on workshops over the course of the year.

Demonstration Workshop
The AGES Laparoscopic Anatomy & Pelvic Demonstration (Lap-Demo) Workshop is suitable for all levels of RANZCOG trainees and specialists. It is designed as a single day, intensive, pelvic anatomy primer, for those wishing to expand their knowledge of what lies beneath pelvic and abdominal peritoneum. The demonstration course will allow registrants to participate in lectures, watch live surgery and interact with highly skilled laparoscopic surgeons as they delve into the anatomical aspects of the female pelvis.

Dissection Workshops
The AGES Laparoscopic & Pelvic Anatomy Dissection (Lap-D) Workshops are directed at senior trainees and specialists, who perform hands-on anatomical pelvic dissections on female cadavers over a 6 hour period, and, are an essential part of continuing medical education. The workshops are capped at a maximum of 18 delegates (AGES members only) and 6-8 senior surgeons and AGES Board members who supervise the stations, making for an exclusive learning experience.

Advanced Dissection Workshops
The AGES Advanced Lap-D Workshop is a cut above the rest, specifically designed for specialist gynaecologists with advanced laparoscopic training. This workshop is open to the AGES Unit Directors, Supervisors, and past Advanced Trainees who have completed the AGES Training Program, this workshop has a particular focus on expanding knowledge and honing laparoscopic and teaching skills.

Course Convenor

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Dr Michael Wynn-Williams

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